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Cloth simulation - tight (ish) fabric on DEADPOOL character

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Hi everyone - been fairly quiet on here of late due to work and life being a bit hectic!

anyways i'm looking to achieve a cloth simulation on my Deadpool character.


I've modelled the character in maya to a fairly decent resolution overall.  He's textured to a fairly decent quality too.  But i want to push it and achieve some cloth simulation if i can on him to get it to a further level visually.  This wont be for all shots but if i could achieve it on some slow motion shots that would be epic!

heres my thought process...

  • obviously with him being animated i want to fire out an alembic cache from Maya to Houdini.
  • i may need to potentially remesh it so there are plenty of triangles?
  • Then assign cloth parameters to my mesh.
  • but he'll need collision geometry inside possible - so its likely i'll need to setup that geometry in maya and export that as collision geometry too?
  • Hopefully with some time spent on decent sim quality i'll get some nice crease results around the joints ?
  • then i'm stuck on how to deal with various bits around his body - stuff like the leather strap that holds his swords on or the arm braces.  Then of course the belt round his waist.
  • I then need to get this back to maya for rendering in vray so i reckon alembic export afterward should help.  I should be able to find a way to preserve uvs.  My texture is a simple drop-on - one shader does it all!

Is this all a bit brute force do you think?  I'd love to get some thoughts from you chaps :)

If theres any of you VFX gurus out there in film studios that could offer me some advice?  If you worked on the films or other stuff all the better lol! 

Thanks in advance hope you like what you see below :)

here's some screenshots..




UDIM texture layout...



Should give you an idea of the mesh resolution...




to give you an idea of what i'm up to you can check out this teaser here.  I'm planning alot more than this teaser shows off and some expected Gore and guts so there'll be some amusing tomfoolery with FEM and grains for @Farmfield to have some lolz with hehehe :)





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