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UV Flatten distorted plane

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I am trying to generate nice, relaxed UVs for a distorted grid object. Ideally I would want to simply relax the initially generated UVs after distorting it but all the tools available seem to be focused on generating new UVs altogether. Having never done this kind of thing in Houdini I also struggle to understand how I could procedurally constraint eg. the outline of the grid to a square or all the points with @P.x==0 to a straight line.


UVs pre distortion


UVLayout post distortion


Quickly generated UVs in maya to outline what I'm after


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Smoothing geometry may help a bit. It will leave UVs straightened and tileable and reduce interpolation zigzags. It will also help UV Flatten to output proper geometry without such big distortion.

Also you may try Delta Mush, it may simulate results you need. Swap UV with P, then apply DM on straightened UVs using UV Flatten output as a second input:



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thank you a lot, the delta mush method works great! Smoothing the mesh aggressively before flattening and then copy overthe uvs to the original seems to work fine as well.

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