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Two WEDGE node questions

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Quick and simple:

a) How do I combine multiple wedge nodes? There seems to be only one $WEDGE and $WEDGENUM variable. I want to have several settings change, e.g. evaporation rate and rainflow_spreaditerations in the heightfield erode node during the sim. Four iterations through wedge node A and 5 through wedge node B should result in twenty different simulations. But how do I save the files if there is only one $WEDGENUM? In this case I need two wedgenums, in other cases probably more.

B) The range and number of steps seem to be linear. In some cases it is more apropriate to use 1, 2, 4, 8, 16,.... as values. Is this possible?


Thanks for any advice!


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Hey Tom, you can add multiple parameters within the same wedge node - is this what you mean?:



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Hi Miles,


yes. I discovered that you can have multiple entries in the WEDGE node, but the way I took is to have three of them, since I didn't know how the way you propose will evaluate.

So far this problem seems to be solved. I'm just rendering.

What I did:

Three wedge nodes connected to each other. Each wedge node refers to the same ROP.

In my heightfield geo I use a null with three custom float inputs. Each of these is connected to the wedge channel of a wedge node. One float entry, one wedge node.

My heightfield erode is taking its values from the NULL and by using the pow function I get my 1, 2, 4, 8, ... values and so on.

The ROP node uses the referenced values in order to come up with all the different filenames.

I'll post some images later on.


My only worry now is how to evaluate the results visually. Three wedges with 10 iterations = 1000 variations. : (

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