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Simple Milk Splash in glass caused by a falling object

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Good morning, 

I'm fairly new to Houdini and its powerful offerings. Looking for some simple steps that can point me in the right direction without causing too much frustration, if someone has the time. 

Basically I want to to create a milk splash from a glass after dropping an object into the liquid. I'd like to model the glass in Houdini but I'm a little lost on if that glass should be a static object or a rigid body. I figured out how to add the liquid in the glass by way of boolean method but is that liquid supposed to be slightly inside that wall of the glass or butting up against it? Anyway, just seeing if someone can give me starting tips that I can start working on. I know it takes a lot of time to learn and hoping I can create enough interesting projects to keep me motivated.

Thanks in advance.

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hey, this is a fun project... have you checked any flip tutorials online? you can find tons of tutorials on sideffects webstie or youtube? If I were you, I would make the project even simpler by just drop an an object into a simple liquid container (i.e. do the cup/liquid intersection later), and focus only on getting a nice splash. Some quick tips: 

-the default flip settings are good, the only thing that you need to adjust is particle separation to get more details

-collision velocity controls how big/small your splash would be

-there are solvers in flip, try both and see which one you like more


good luck

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