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Prep geo for destruction

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Hey guys,

I've a question about models. 

I was reading this article about destruction simulation. The artist, Paweł Rutkowski, mentions something about model prep:


"...Starting from proper modelling (or model preparation if one gets geometry from a modeller) through fracturing, Rigid Body Simulations (RBS), particles and smoke simulations and ending at model upressing, shading and rendering."

Can anyone give advice to what to look for/do when prepping a model for destruction? I'm not talking about naming attributes etc. But normals, etc. Any gotchas I can avoid? Any tutorials out there that would better inform me?

Thanks, guys! And a big thanks to all who've answered my previous, probably simple questions. I've learnt tonnes already!! I hope one day I'll be in the position to 'pay it forward' :)




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