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noob - importing .obj (Sketchfab) models with separate texture atlas

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Ok so I have the obj imported 



but the single uv mapped texture is not being applied. (below)


What do I need to do to apply the texture atlas?

Is it necessary to convert the .OBJ format to .FBX before importing?

I tried first converting to .FBX using the free Autodesk FBX converter but no difference.




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Houdini does not read .mtl files, additionally Houdini only has a basic implementation of importing .fbx materials in shops. In either case unless you want to do a bit of importing pipeline, you'll generally have to open both programs and perform a best guess to the values of each shader. Especially if you want to use a shader like the principle shader in material context. The best third party shader solutions is certainly with substance, as that should maintain it across all applications. 

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