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voronoifractureconfigureobject and static object

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Helllo there :)

in my sim, I am using a voronoifractureconfigureobject and my simulation runs perfectly fine and my object fractures nicely until I add a static ground object. All over sudden there is parts that do not fracture anymore and I don't understand why. I assumed it might be that the fracture limit gets met once they don't eternally fall but if I put it up to a super high number, I get the same result. Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?

I am grateful about any kind of help. Thank you in advance!

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Can you post an example scene file that replicates the problem?

I would suspect that your collision geometry is doing something unexpected. Generally I hide the render geometry in DOPs and only view the collision geometry for that type of test. It will more accurately describe what is happening in the sim. For instance if the static geometry is concave and your collision is convex and the geo penetrates, or it's not solving the collision accurately because what you think is an object is really un-fused and assembled wrong. 

It's hard to debug with out the example as there are too many possibilities. 

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