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Filter node children's output with python

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How to filter node.children() output so it will return nodes only of the specified type (vopsurface, for example)
Currently, I do it with a procedure:

def extractVop(listOfChildrens):
    for node in listOfChildrens:
        if node.type().name() == 'vopsurface':
            return node

But probably there is more elegant way like node.children().type('vopsurface')

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This is the proper way, I think. It is commonly used in $HH/python2.7libs to filter nodes by type: https://pastebin.com/EnmhzJKj

You can use list comprehensions to make it one-liner:

vops = [c for c in node.children() if c.type().name() == 'vopsurface']


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