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Dynamically scaling pieces?

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Hi there,

I got a question regarding voronoi pieces:

I want to scale them dynamically (by an animated noise map for example).

When using a foreach loop with a transform inside with CEX,.. pivots, the pieces each scale fine, but all at he same time.

I my idea was to use color for the scale, but for this each piece should have a different color. Now the problem is that I cant color the whole pieces, but their invidual points/primitives only when using attribtransfer (regardles if its in an own for each...).

Well I hope you know what I mean.








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You can get random colors with a assemble + color node




However, I couldn't make your transform method there works. But you can use an expression like this to access the attribute, "s" in this case, in the primitive. This hinges on the fact all primitives have the same attribute





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You could use a 4d noise, using the scale attribute as the w component. For your setup, if you promote the $CR attribute to a detail attribute you should then be able to use that as a scale.


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