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Water Dress

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Hello magicians!

I am a damned low-mid level houdini user who is facing one of the hardest challenges in his vfx carrer.

I have to recreate a dress made with water with the most similarity to this dress (video):


So, it has to have a similar shape (with that long tail), it has to be made of water (not only the shader, it has to be like flowing water with splashes making kind of that dress shapes).

The question is, do you know where or how to start?

I am thinking about doing some kind of cloth simulation first, compute the velocity of the cloth points and do like 2 layers for the effect.

1. The flow, going from top points to the bottom, i guess it could work with a particle flow effect (I don't know yet!, because particle flow sticks so much to the surface and i'll need them to splash aswell)

2. The tail part, with a lot of turbulence (pop force maybe) to replicate that curly shapes.


Is there a way to make a very simple fur and make it advect the particles to replicate the shape? or is it a bad idea?

I am missing a lot of tools and nodes in houdini, maybe there's one magic buton to approach this hahaha


Thank you again guys, u are the best, I'll keep you informed about the process!

WhatsApp Video 2018-03-04 at 11.13.16.mp4

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Sorry, the project was cancelled and didn't develop the idea.

Could someone delete this post? Thank you very much!

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