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rotate object to face down

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Hello I'm very stuck in this problem and I'm also very new to houdini :unsure:: , i've been looking for a way to align an object to -y direction  based on it's average normal because I want to unwrapp the whole object using cloth simulation but I dont want it to bend inwards , to avoid this, I manually rotate the object so its average normal direction faces down to the ground plane but I have to do this with many diferent objects  that's why I was looking for an automatic solution  , I managed to get the average vector of my normals and compare it with the normal of the plane , that gives me the diference between them but I don't know how to transfer or convert that radian value into a rotation to apply it to my objects in order to make them face down, I would apreciate very much any clue, or if there is a solution already done , i tried the best fit plane asset but I want exacly the oposite effect. thank you very much in advance for your help !

I attach some images explaining what I mean:

 these are my incoming geometries.



and this is what I want to achieve.


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Look at the match axis sop, and dive inside it to see how SESI does it. You should find most of your answers in there. 

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