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Set 'active' attribute in SOP Solver for RBD Packed object

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Hi, if anyone has a second to look at this it would be very appreciated.

Im working on a paintball effect and have the balls (just shell for now) continuously entering the sim in a SOP Solver. The constraints strength is -1 until the ball is close to the collider, then the SOP Solver updates the 'strength' attribute to .001 so they break. That's working fine. But now I want a percentage of the shell to freeze on the wall (later will try to have this interact with some viscous FLIP), so I set a boolean in SOPS called 'stick' and in my SOP Solver I do a check to see if the piece is not constrained and has 'stick' of 1, then set a new boolean 'freeze'. I can see in my Geo spreadsheet in SOP Solver the 'freeze' attribute is working properly, but this is where I'm messing something up, I can't figure out how to use that attribute outside of the SOP Solver in DOPs... shouldn't I be able to call it anywhere I can use VEX?

I also tried the same technique to set the 'active' attribute and it didn't do anything.

I've tried making POP Groups with VEX: ingroup = i@freeze; and then setting all velocity to 0,0,0 based on that and it didn't do anything.

Is my problem that DOPS doesn't directly import and update the attributes set in the SOP Solver? Am I going about this the wrong way? There's gotta be an easy way to do this!



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For anyone running into this same thing -  if you want to use attributes that get updated inside a Sop Solver in DOPS, you can access them in DOPS with a Geometry VOP or POP VOP (if packed geo) and set one of the Inputs path to the geo from your Sop Solver. Then inside the vop net use a Get Attribute and wire it to the input you set and use the current pt/prim num.

Took me too long to figure this out.


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