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FEM POPs two-way interaction

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Hi guys,

I’m trying to get POP object and a FEM object to have two-way interaction.

The pops are colliding with the FEM, but the FEM object is not being affected by the impact of the POPs.

What do people think is the best way to get this to work?


Currently I’m playing around using a SOP solver on the finite FEM object to bring in “feedbacks” input. This seems to contain a the particles that hit with fininte element.

The pt’s have hit attributes and, “impulse” and a normalised “normal” attribute which I assume is direction.

Not sure the best way to apply these feedback points to the finite element.

Which attr should I modify and what do we think is the best way to lookup the "feedback" data?

Perhaps a point cloud lookup?


And suggestions greatly appreciated!

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When I've done stuff like this I've been looping DOPs in and out of eachother - with varying success - but there's no straightforward way to set this up, as far as I know... This is FEM trees, grains and bullet boulders set up like that - but it's a horrible setup to work with...


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@Farmfield Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify, you were using different dop networks with different one-way relationships and then feeding the back through each other? Any extra info would be great.  

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I just use the outputs from the DOPs as collisions and/or use SOP solvers on the bullet solver to do stuff like attribute transfer of velocity, etc... And I won't share the above scene because it's an absolute PITA to work with but here's an example of "looping" DOPs and using SOP solvers on FLIP and bullet solvers - the scene file is linked in the description. I'll check it myself now because it was some time since I set that up and I don't really remember exactly what I did, but the foundation of it should be helpful, hopefully... :)


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