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Attract points to a mesh ?

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POP Attract has the option of attracting points to points on a mesh.  How can I attract points to the surface of a mesh, as to have more control rather then simply points, what appears as, snapping; to the points on a mesh ?

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What I have done before is create a companion count match scattered onto the goal surface that can be used as goal points for a pop steer seek. The vex code inside the seek node boldly fetches points from elsewhere (via the string path) in the network and assumes the scatter point count matches the particle points count. This way each particle has a unique goal that it will be seeking.

// Here we setup a path to fetch points from anywhere in the scene.
string goal_path = "op:/obj/sphere_object_GOAL/OUT_GOAL_POINT";
// We can use @ptnum like this only because we have matched the particle count to the goal count prior to executing this code.
goal = point(goal_path,"P",@ptnum); 



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Thanks Atom, there is one thing, the points don't attract to the surface normals of the mesh; in your scene the sphere.  I'd like the points to attract to the surfaces or the primitives of the surface to which it's attracting too.

Crap, I realized something I'll add to my original post; if it's a different question I'll post a new thread but if someone wants to expand on this, I would appreciate it.

The POP Attract, can have points attract to a surface of a mesh.  How can I have a primitive points attract to a surface, rather then if the primitive has a point as a center which would cause the center point to attract to a point on a mesh ?


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