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Fuse/Snap end of sweeped ring

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Hello, Im trying to snap the end points of my ring together so they make an unbroken ring. I don't want to combine the end verts as this breaks my arc length spline unwrap (Not in this file) i just want to snap to the points. I am tying to make this procedural of course so that no matter how many divisions my circle has or no matter how many points my line has the end always closes. 

I tried getting the point numbers for the fuse by doing this `chs("../circle3/divs")`*`chs("../line6/points")`-`chs("../line6/points")` 0   (this would only take care of the outer points)

ths was not acceptable by the fuse node. :)


Any help would be much appreciated! 








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i think it should be this simple....added 3 nodes on the left...


(reason I have 360/(ch("ncy")-1) in the rotate is because you want it NOT joint, otherwise it would have been 360/(ch("ncy"))

EDIT: ahh..saw your conversion to NURBS...dunno if my method works...I take it all back..

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Well I spoke too soon! :) I'm trying to unwrap this ring using arc length spline like in the section to the left. Because of your sphere1 wizardry it wont give me correct uvs vertically. Maybe this example is a better representation of both our efforts. Thanks for the help BTW I'm loving this forum! :) so much knowledge.



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