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Sticky Fluid Setup (pressed F1)

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Hi everybody , i was trying to work on rnd but stucked on one point. I am trying to create a fluid that sitcks on the surface but i couldnt manage my force i think. I have used sopsolver in dop and created my force there but when i use it my emition doesnt stop which is doesnt work with me lol 

Anybody has a setup like that or experince? 


thanx guys


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16 hours ago, vtrvtr said:

Is there a reason you're not using the stick options in the solver? Why do you need a custom force?


Reason why i used sopsolver or force is when you animate little bit fast stick doesnt work. Ok my animation is 0-1 on 100 frames , just make it 0-4 on 100 frames and see how stick working sorry how its not working lol This way i was looking for a force or field or something else. Houdini collisions or stick things works perfect with slow objects or animations but when you use something fast northing working well lol

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On 22/3/2018 at 8:07 AM, jingaa said:

Reason why i used sopsolver.....


what about increasing substeps, do you tested it?  i will btw

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