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Underwater Whitewater

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I'm currently working on an underwater shark scene similar to the one in The Shallows in which the shark is trying to get through the coral rocks. I'm having trouble understanding what this person did who actually recreated the scene.

Here are his own words:

"i rebuild depth of the SDF field to define the particles which is foam,splash and bubble.Of the particle motion,it almost based to VEL field from main water.but you know the height of VEL field is only 0.25m,so i add some custom motion to control it,i used "sop solver" to selected a few points to group it "big bubble"(it is also for LookDev).others group "small bubble",and then let "small" following "big" through point cloud."
... and here's the link to his amazing work! :) 
I have the shark, rising bubbles being advected by the shark and pyro, rocks and fluid surface. I need help with the white water surface interaction in achieving that look that's in the video link. He only made the fluidsim .25m height but some how got the bubbles and foam from the whitewater source (no the main bubbles which I did already) to go under the water.


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