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Pivot point of copied object (Copy Stamp)

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I'm fairly newb so excuse if this is a dumb question.

I'm wanting to copy, for example, boxes onto the points of a grid using a copy stamp.  It seems that the boxes are centrally aligned with the point on the grid.  But what if I want the boxes to be copied so that they sit with their base aligned to the point, rather than their centre.  If I add a transform to the box to adjust its pivot to its base, this does not seem to effect how it is copied to the grid.  

That is a simple example, but the basic question is just how do I affect an objects pivot so that this carries through to the way it will be aligned to points on a copystamp.  

Thanks for the advice


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Thanks for that, I see.  So to clarify, it appears that the copy stamp uses origin in world space (0,0,0) as the pivot point for the copied object, and that rather than changing the objects local pivot point, we need to move the object around in relation to (0,0,0).  

Does that sound correct?  



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