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Grain impluse activation later

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Hello guys,


i have a grain sande box with is starting to simulate at the first frame. I need later after 600 Frames.


In the " impulse activation tab" i have here  


What should i add to activate it at frame 600?


Best jack

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Though this will spawn them at frame 600. You can also change the start frame on your DOPnet to 600 if there doesn't need to be any simulation at all before them. If you want them created, but not really active, you could leave it  at $SF==1 and try a couple of things.

First, in sops,  you could set their point attribute 

f@mass = 0.0; 

Zero Mass will make the grains not do anything. Then in a pop wrangle, you could do something like 

if(@Frame > 600) f@mass = 1.0; 

Or use a SOP Solver that sets the DOP Geometry to

f@mass = 1.0; 

and use Enable Solver DOP set to


This way it only calculates on that one frame.  

Alternatively, there's a shelf tool called "Awaken" and "Sleep" which is cool because it can be activated by geometry also. There should be some help cards on that. 




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