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Drive/Blend from bone hierarchies to one another using chops.

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Hi guys, 

I have two identical bone hierarchies - one is at rest pose and the other is animated motion capture skeleton.

Is there a way to blend the rest skeleton to the animating skeleton using chops?

I've looked at the constraint shelf. But it would be quite cumbersome to do this for every joint using these tools.

Is there a way to bring in both the rest and animating skeleton channels procedural - using wildcards or something and then blend the rest to the animation?

Anybody have any setups I could take a look at?

Thanks for your help!


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Maybe with  the motion FX  (CHOP context) you can do that

In the Animation editor , scope the 2 bones chains parms , create a channel group for each one , right click on each group , in the menu choose motion fx , create  clip


Dive into the motionfx chop node to adjust your blend

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