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Rebuild Depth of SDF

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I'm stuck on figuring out how to rebuild the depth of the SDF of a flip fluid sim. Basically it's a 8x 0.25m x 8 flip fluid, but I want to rebuild the depth for the white water. How is this done?




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Here's what I've done so far with some help from Igor Zanic on eliminating the surface around the shark. I modeled the shark in Zbrush. Then it was rigged and animated in Maya. I know this looks terrible, but I'm trying to learn this underwater stuff, and I need the whitewater to interact with the shark somehow with a height of only 0.25m for the flipsim. Something about rebuilding the SDF and or using a sop solver so the whitewater foam and or bubbles follow the big bubbles that I generate in another dopnet. Can someone help me with this please and give me some ideas on how to accomplish this?




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