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Rolling Evolving Clouds (fuel from noise pyro simulator)

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I put together this rolling cloud generator based upon a snippet from the "Attraction" breakdown on the SideFx website. Shown HERE at time code 15:50.

This setup uses an animated noise to generate the fuel volume. Constant velocity pushes it in the positive X direction. A volume wrangle is used to apply a range of damping based upon the distance the smoke has traveled.



In my most recent Music Video, using this setup, I created a series of .bgeo.sc files containing a density volume and re-timed them to create even more variation from a single export. You can get even more mileage out of re-timming if you include the vel volume along with density. This effectively quadruples your file size, however. Inside the HIP file there is a note with a URL to an open source HIP file that can re-time a .bgeo.sc volume sequence if the sequence contains a vel volume. Velocity based re-timing is much smoother and offers an extended time range compared to just TimeWarping the .bgeo.sc sequence as I did in the video.



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