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Falling Dust - Characteristic

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Hi Houdini friends!

I've been trying to do a sim for falling dust, the kind of look I want to get is similar to this: 

The shape of the leading edge of the falling dust is "spiky" and has the grainy details. I kind of "cheated" by giving it a high disturbance and warp the velocity field so that all vel.y will be going down and scaled down vel.x and z, but when there's interaction with collision geo this will not work since the velocity field is manipulated, and it gives this "sliding" behavior along the collision geo. Attached is an example file that shows this issue.

Has anyone done similar sim before or have any advice on how to get this kind of characteristic in the sim? Thank you soooo much in advance! Much appreciated!


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Posted (edited)

Hello Fellow Houdini friend ,


Iff you have tried everything in Houdini, you can maybe use nparticles in Maya with a drag field right around the region where you want the dust to slow down. Once you have the desired results you can then bring those particles over to Houdini and use a Pyro/smoke setup or use Fume for Maya.



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On 4/10/2018 at 2:35 PM, bloodhawk said:

Did it work?

Still testing on this lol

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