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Redshift - Changing topology Motion Blur - SOLVED (hip)

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Motion Blur changing topology issue.
Hi guys! I am having an issue with Houdini + Redshift.
I have a geometry moving and im using a boolean to desintegrate it art directed.
The thing is, since im using a boolean, there is a lot of point changing on the mesh so redshift is not able to compute the motion blur because the changing topology, i have this message when i hover the redshift render rop:
Any tip on how to solve motion blur on changing topologies? I already have a trail sop to compute velocity on my node tree. Got the latest houdini indie and redshift.
HIP attached.


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Solved by Peter Sanitra @ Redshift Render community facebook group.

Uploading the updated hip file.


1. you have to compute the velocity of points before the boolean, then use a atribute transfer to transfer the velocity from that preboolean to the new boolean geo.

2. go to redshift per object parameters (OBJ level) - Settings - Render and activate Deformation Blur From Velocity Attribute , so you force redshift to compute the motion from your velocity atribute from points.

Done! :)

I hope my full morning investigation will be usefull for you guys! Keep growing!



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