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Hi Guys!

Having thoughts about how to optimize ink usage and getting crystal clear images onto large format prints. Do you have any specific workflow that is within Houdini? Exporting to Photoshop is a nobrainer but I would like to create a nodeflow that gets data from customers RGB images that I can automatize and split into CMYK for screen-print in a procedural workflow. 

Any Ideas?

Thanks! /Mikael

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I think you can batch process your images in Photoshop directly. Why do you prefer using Houdini for that ? By the way, for printing, in Photoshop you can import the profiles or your printers for calibration and see exactly what you will print (if your monitor si calibrated itself :-)

Here is a good site talking about that (if I haven't misunderstood your need... Otherwise all apologizes :-))


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Thanks JO! :-) Well What I would like o do is to have a Procedural network that is driven from a database of RGB or RAW images that splits the colorplanes and writes them to disk automatically. 

So its a daily process where I will batch process images from a server that pipes them into Houdini and writes them to disk before print. I cant think of a better tool than Houdini for this sort of job.

No need to apologize :-) all Ideas are good. I´ll see what I can get from the link you posted. Cheers!

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