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How could I deal with height of flame ??

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Hi :D

first, I'm beginner of Houdini and I'm just challenging to control pyro without shelf tool (I mean, pile nodes up from bottom)

But, Even I use shelf tool, It is still hard to deal with flame height, amount of smoke and etc ..

First of all, I wanna make fire of match and that flame height makes me to be confused ....

I controlled options at combustion and simulation tab at Pyro solver but I can't understand it yet ;;;

How could I deal with this ??

Sorry for my poor English and thank you for read ! Have a good day :)



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Try scaling your source volume (fuel)  to get the flame to crawl higher

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Thank you for reply , but I wanted to scaling it down.

but when I scaling it down, smoke also being down scaled..

I can' understand how does Houdini caculate those options on cumbustion or simulation tabs T_T

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Height of flame will depend on many parameters : first off, look at buoyancy, this applies to the difference of temperature and make your smoke and flame rise when your source is hot. So you can either lower the buoyancy, or change (create if you haven’t done it before) your temperature in your source. If you didn’t that’s simple : it’s a volume like your density or fuel, but called temperature, and you « pipe » it through a source node on your Pyro solver. You can also scale it into the source node itself.

There are others parameters : cooling rate (it will also lower  the height if you increase it); the Température output (how much temperature is released through combustion : you can also play with that) but buoyancy and the initial temperature of your fuel are quite important. 

If it does not work, let us know :-)

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