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Houdini and substance Painter link? Substance Designer and Houdini link? Mari and Houdini link?

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I know there exists such thing as plugin between Houdini and Substance painter. 


I have few questions. 

1. Using this plugin can i texture in Substance and take textures to Houdini and build VFX effect on top of the model while having those textures?

2. Is there a plugin also for Houdni and Substance Designer

3. Is there similar plugin for Mari and Houdini?

Best regards

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Substance plugin for Houdini simply renders material into a textures and applies them on Houdini's standard shader. It's less flexible and somewhat more confusing than applying those textures by yourself. Shorty put, you don't need this plugin to work with Substance in Houdini. Some advantage is that you can manipulate materials parameters from Houdini UI without having Substance running. Practically speaking not so useful anyway. The same  goes for Substance Designer. btw this is what all Substance users are doing, since even unreal plugin renders materials to disk as textures to pick up by the engine. 

Mari is the same story since it stores its output to a standard set of textures which can be digested by any renderer - you don't need any plugin .

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You are missing the point here, 
When i texture in mari i can visualize PBR rendering in Mari but when i take textures to Houdini i need to build shader from scratch. 
Tho when i looked at Substance plugin you youst create that substance material node and apply that to model. 
Thus means you do not need to build shader in Houdini 

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Substance plugin uses default Houdini material, which is not built from scratch either (plugin will pick up what ever comes with Houdini, you can also customize it - checkout Substance plugin config file, which specifies which material is to be used and its textures->parms mapping). Nothing fancy here. The same goes for Mari, albeit it is still a matter of figuring out whether mantra's principled shader is currently in sync with Mari default PBR (which is targeted towards Arnolds afaik). Either way, neither Substance nor Mari don't expect anything fancy. It's a beauty of current PBR pipelines, most PBR shaders do match (to the reasonable extend of BRDF implementations or falsely design of a particular shader obviously). 

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