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Chops/Motion Effects confusion

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I am rather new to chops in Houdini and I am absolutely baffled by them.  I was hoping some of you kind souls could lend a hand.


1. What is the difference in usage of the "fetch" and "channel" nodes? They both seem to pull parameter data from other parts of the scene. When would you use one over the other?

2. How does one just take single channel from a chopnet and drive a parameter? I have used the motion effects menu and you get this strange "Overridden by /obj/geo1/motionfx/disable_export1 twist2:strength" which seems very non-Houdini like. It feels like it is hiding something.

3. How does one use the chop expression? There is not much documentation on this, like what are the arguments you need to feed it, and what does it return. Furthermore, in the docs, it has been replaced by hou.chopnode but I cannot find use for that in the context of the larger system either. Possibly the export chop?

I am sure there are reasons for all these things, and I am still rather new to Houdini so any help would be greatly appreciated



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Just first Question:

For example, I made a HDA that use fetch but not channel, because I do not know which sop will be fetch, and I can set which channels will be selected in advance.

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