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Hi all! 

I'm currently sitting with some superbasic POP sims to brush up on everything after a long time away from Houdini.
My issue is, as the title depicts, that I have problems with stepping even though - to my knowledge - this scene shouldn't suffer from it. 

I have three spheres as sources, they don't move at all. 
The top velocity of the particles peak at about 0.9 in the geometry spreadsheet, it travelled about 1.2 meters in 42 frames, so no extremes velocities exactly (or I am just very uninformed and would love to be enlightened!).

I tried every combination of birth jitter in the POP Source and found very little difference, the ones displayed below became the final ones.

Attaching images of my solver settins, birth settings and a render.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! 





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I see you increased the substeps on the solver level, but (maybe) not at DOP level.

If this is like for the Bullet solver, the substeps of the solver are more the number of iteration you allow the solver to use to make its constraints (collisions etc.) "converge" to a satisfactory solution (mathematically speaking), while on the other hand, the substeps at DOP level are more the "quantization" of time, particularly emissions of particles.

So you should try to increase substeps at DOP level, not only at solver level (maybe even lower the Min Substeps back to its original value, as long as you increased substeps at DOP level).

Let us know, that's interesting.

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Hi Step,

Big thank you! You were absolutely right, I went back to the default on the solver and upped the substeps on the DOP - and it solved it! (sorry for that one haha)

I'll remember the difference, very helpful of you! 

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