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Phone cord

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In the context of a keyframed animation, how can I ensure that a curve between two parts of a geometry remains plausible ? I'm not looking necessarily for something physically correct, just something that looks ok.

I don't want too much self intersection, the ends should be normal to the corresponding surfaces.

I have a few ideas in mind, like making two or three shapes manually and blending them with blendshapes according to the distance between the desired ends. Or maybe just compute it entirely on the fly in VEX. It should be easier to add some tangles in VEX

Any ideas ?

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I would use the Wire Solver in DOPs.

Or if that's too complicated why not trying to build a curve in VEX using an hyperbolic function (catenary function / chainette hyperbolique en français :-), using addpoint, addprim and addvertex. But the Wire solver would allow to keep the right length of curve if the two extreme points move...


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