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macro shot of droplets falling from ceiling

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hey all!

I'm looking into replicate this kind of effect attached: droplets sliding on the ceiling and then falling down, in a macro (so that you can see the drop almost at full frame) and at a much more slow mo speed...any idea on how to approach it? not sure if flip would be the right approach



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Well, I believe Flip is more for mid-scale phenomenoms, so you are going to lose some times setting up everything for uncertain results (although you have surface tensions etc. : I don't think it is made for small things like droplets on a ceiling :-).

Personnaly, I would do it the old way : with Lattices, or with point Wrangle and SDF to make the drop/sphere deform in contact with the ceiling, and/or sculpting some geo and blend between them when the drop is falling... The geometry is quite simple, there are no complex splashes... DOP / FLIP would be overkill for this kind of things.

But that's just my opinion, which I can't help sharing on this forum :-)

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thanks for your thoughts on that, I think you're right, I suppose all the drops that are sliding on the ceiling could be generated with vdbs and booleans, while the dropping ones are just deforming geos with some smart shapes blended

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