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Paint robot trajectory

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(TSP= traveling salesman problem)

So I'm trying to animate an arm, which would spray paint on a surface.

I want to define a curve with respect to a surface, with those properties:

1/ cover the entire surface, within a radius (paint is sprayed within a cone)

2/ offset to the surface, and always on the same side -- every point on the final curve (not only control points) should be at a certain distance along the normal of the surface

3/ somehow minimal in length, but not necessarily.

I have a first draft for the trajectory, which is really simple: scatter some points on the surface, then sort the points by spatial locality. However, it doesn't generate TSP-style trajectory, there are big jumps, which happen to cross the surface (violates the same side constraint  -- 2)

How can I do this without going full TSP ?


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