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Houdini 16 `Group Geometry` and `Add Attribute`

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Hi everyone.


Im studying Houdini just a few days.

I have some questions, needs help.

I use Houdini 16, but I studying with some old tutorial(2012).

`Group Geometry` and `Add Attribute` is not as same as Houdini 16. (i cant find `Group Geometry` in Houdini16, and the `Add Attribute` has not `adata`)

Is there anyone know about that, pleaes help me out!


Thank you! 

My English is suck, but already try my best :)

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I didn't use houdini that long ago, but if you want to set a group in SOPs it's just the "Group SOP". To create an attribute in SOPs you use "attribcreate". If you're in VOPs, you can set groups and add attributes with the "Bind" VOP. For adding an atttribute, just type the attribute name. For adding to groups, type "group_mygroup" but replace mygroup with whatever you want the group to be called. 

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