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Objects instanced on collider geometry instead of particles

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I have a very simple DOP network with 2 static object colliders. (Houdini 16.5)

In my scene, I'm instancing sphere on the particles from the DOP simulation.

The spheres are instanced perfectly to the particles of the dynamic sim, but they are also wrongly getting instanced on each verts/points of my collider objects (the 2 staticobjects on the top left).

My instancer node in the scene is set to "full point instancing" (in the point instancing option), which could be the problem, but that is the only option that instances the spheres to my partciles.

Any tip would be greatly appreciated.



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Are you just keeping the dopnet as the output with the display flag on it? If so, go to the object merge tab and change from "*" to something like "pop*" or just the whole dopobject name "popobect1". This way, you're only importing the particles from dops and not the rest of the geo.


Or use dopio



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added screenshots

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Hey James,

Thanks for the reply and recommending 2 solutions!

I kept experimenting with my limited knowledge of Houdini and used the workaround attached. Added a separate Delete node (eliminating the collider object) and used the result from that to instance my spheres onto.

Your first solution works great and is much more elegant. I knew it had to be a matter of checking a box or adding a simple parameter somewhere.

It feels counter-intuitive to have to "filter" out the collision objects whenever performing a DOP sim. But I guess it's the normal workflow? 


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