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No tangent on point ?

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I'm hoping someone can help. 

I'm attempting to do a parallel transform for points on a mesh; whereas the tangent of the point follows the surface, another vector follows the edge to which the vector rests upon and finally the normal for the point.

If you take this code apply it to a sphere making sure the fuse sop is after the sphere followed by a primitive wrangler it should work with no errors.  This setup is taken from an Entagma tutorial; the first problem is, I'm not seeing tangents for each of the points after creating the attribute for the tangent ?


i[]@vrtList = primvertices(0,@primnum);
int vp1 = vertexpoint(0, @vrtList[0]);
int vp2 = vertexpoint(0, @vrtList[1]);
vector midpoint = lerp(point(0, "P", vp1), point(0, "P", vp2), 0.5);
i@PointList = addpoint(0,midpoint);

int pnts[] = primpoints(0,@PointList);
int pointCount = len(pnts);
vector firstTangent = normalize(point(0,"P",pnts[1]) - point(0,"P",pnts[0]));
vector firstNormal = {0,1,0};

vector helper = normalize(cross(firstNormal,firstTangent));
firstNormal = normalize(cross(firstTangent,helper));

// Forward Declarations

vector bitangent = {0,0,0};
float theta = 0;

vector tangents[] = {};
vector normals[] = {};

// fill arrays

for(int i = 0; i<pointCount-1;i++){
    push(tangents,normalize(point(0,"P",pnts[i+1]) - point(0,"P",pnts[i])));
// set values for last point


//parallel transport 

// set attributes
for(int j=0;j<pointCount;j++){

//vector helper = cross(

//vector mainPoint = 

//vector firstTangent = 


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