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Pyro Initial Velocity Follow Emitter Normal

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I am currently doing some RnD on a rocket engine.

For this to work properly, I need a way for my emitter geo to shoot flames with initial velocity in the normal direction of the emitter. I made a gif to show the problem. Red is the emitter, the arrow represents the direction of the initial velocity.



Right now, my simulation only shoots flames with an initial velocity in one specified direction. I used the "add initial velocity" in the create volume source node of the emitter. But I don't really know how to animate that.



Appreciate any help, thanks!

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Your normal vector should follow the animation of the emitter. If that's the direction you want the smoke to go, then you should bind N to the 'v' attribute. In a point wrangle you can just do v@v = v@N; This will get picked up in the fluid source node. It doesn't  look like the emitter is animated in the bottom gif though. I threw together a really quick example for you, let me know if it helps.



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Wow, thanks so much! I figured it would somehow involve merging v and N but I didn't have a setup in my head for it.


Very helpful, thanks again!

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