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I'm playing with i3d... reason?.. my "pressures" over the convincments to buy Houdini and use it in our company as a "effects team" is still on its way.. and first good impressions are already been made (some particles and geometry generations)... now i need to invest some time watching out for big explosiongs and smokes... and I was starting with i3d.

I've looked at the Andrew scene on the other thread.. and played with my own scene then.. but the result (using Fluffy cloud shader) is always the same.. i can create whatever geometry as source for i3d rendering but I always have a "sphere" smoke/cloud ... while i'm writing i'm trying to generate a i3d file using metacloud shader.. is taking muuuuch more time than usinf fluffy .. and I hope that's the shader to use to get a real "shape" of my cloud.

anyway .. I'd like some further help from you .. tutorials if any online (google is my friend but wont help me this time) ..and I'm looking forward to see the finished tutorials from Jason as well :D which in this case would be "shaping your cloud" from his I3d tutorial.

any help/feedbacks appreciated.. for example.. do you really use i3d to make big explosions or ther's some better/faster/easier way to do that? (particle i guess?)


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