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Photoshop Cs2 And Hdr

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Anyone try out Photoshop CS2's HDR support? Good? Bad? Useless?

Recently I've been kinda disappointed with Photoshop, it seems they are just adding in very limited support for tons of things so they can pad their "New Features" list.

Does HDR follow this trend?

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HDR support is CS2 is very limited and also VERY VERY slow to work at....

If you dive a little DEEP into HDR shop you can do a lot of color correction that is not supported in CS2.

Being in the Car industry here in Detroit, almost all of our work is HDR based...about all that CS2 is good for is the cloning tool....

no layer support in HDR

no color correction support except for some photofilters...and that's basically a tinting process....

the toolkits need to catchup still for HDR work. I can tell you that the cameras are pretty awesome...we have a spheron....and when you tune it correctly, its pretty fast to capture an environment...

oopps getting off the subject sorry!


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