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GDC Vault paid membership?

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Browsing some of the free GDC2018 videos on GDCvault was wondering if a paid membership is worth it.

is there that much more quality content that justifies a subscription?

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There are a lot of good talks in the vault. The most notable talks are generally made public. As for the price point I can not say if it is worth for an individual. For a company I would say yes, especially if it is a shared account. If you are into more game engine side it would certainly be worth it, as you not only get this years content but all previous years content. There is still a lot of work people have done in the past that other companies have still not caught up with yet. Also make sure it's applicable to what you are looking for, a lot of the speaker are technical and not great speakers so it's not like TED videos where the speaker comes first and then the content, so some can be quite boring. Plus there are hundreds of videos a years with the majority that might not be worth it, but there may be a dozen each year that really set the industry forward that are worth it the price alone.

Kind of a round about answer. But yes if you have some one else pay for it.

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