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Rigid Body pieces flipping during exported animation?

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   I'm trying to get a rigid body destruction simulation working in Unreal 4 as a vertex animation using the Game Development Tools.  I've got it looking pretty good in game now, except some of the pieces tend to randomly flip briefly as they rotate.  It usually looks wrong for about a single frame or two.  I've seen similar problems in sims from Maya, and it's usually been some sort of gimbal lock or euler problem.  I'd usually be able to fix them by turning on unwind curves, applying a Euler filter, or by hand if it was just a few pieces.

What is the best way to deal with this in houdini 16, especially with a large number of pieces?  Is there a filter I can apply to the animation curves?  Also (sorry, I'm still new to houdini), where would I access the animation curves on a file cached sim?

Thanks in advance!


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