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how this "show surface" system work?

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hi, I have a question about this display function:

white water source > visualization > show surface

Then blue object shows up. I know this object represent VDB, but I wonder how this tool creates the visualization. I dig into  >edit parameter interface, but cannot find any particular trick. At least I found a reference null node inside of the tool. 

Does anyone know how to create this visualization?




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It's a two steps functionality. First, if you go the type properties under Node you'll the "Guide Geometry" points to the GUIDE null. Second, the switch1 inside the whitewater source node is connected to the Show Surface parameter of the HDA. It's a bit unclear because in the actual HDA parameter interface there's no mention of where it's referenced



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thank you so much for your reply. I tried your instruction, and my understanding is that it's required to :
1 HDA , not subnet
2 only SOP level

I could wish to use it for a SOP subnet, but not avaliable.   Anyway, that's good to know where this guide-geo from!

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