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Growth DLA, orient/pscale problem

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I got this dla growth system, that generate new points from "old" points each frame. i want to instance different objects to the growing dla system. 

My problem is that when i use an attribute randomize "pscale" and "orient" to the growing points, that result that each point changes size for each frame, same goes for orient. 
Ive put my randomize in the solver, and was hope that would do it, but no luck. I guess i have to give each point a id attribute once its born, but not sure how to proceed.

I went through entagmas toturial "Diffusion Limited Aggregation", that is where my dla/growth system is from, so im just going to give ewach point a randomize pscale and orient.

Anyone know how to do this?


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Your pscale and orient gets "renewed" every iteration, you need your solver to only set the attributes once, the best way is to do this while the point are created.

Or you can set your attributes after the solver if you know that your pointnumber or id is consistent, since you have a blastnode after the solver you need to do this first.

Attached a fixed file.


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