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cutting iteratively a geometry

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i'm try to do Something not so hard (i think...) but i failed.

just a simple grid cutted iteratively.

like here : https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/basics-foreach-iii/

( the second part ...but it's an old tutorial and the nodes have changed)

i explain: i have a grid (1 primitive) and i want to cut in several primitives iteratively, by a clip node , and a foreach loop or a copy stamp (i try the both solution).

the idea is to cut it in N prim proportionally of the size of the grid, (and with a random variation).

and my problem is : i can't  apply the clip on one of the prim resulting of my previous clip.

for example, if i try to do 4 clipping, the result is four grid( my initial prim) clipped , so 8 prim...

i'm not sure to be very clear so i attach the hip


i hope that someone know what is the problem and what is the solution ...


thanks a lot



edit: it's ok : the answer was " don't use a for-each node , but a for-loop node"...

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Hey, check the attached scene. PRB_IterativeClip.hiplc

Notice that the iteration count is control by the number of points of what is connected to the second input of the for loop "block end".

The rest is creating a matrix on the scattered points so the grid being cut is placed into a new pose, cut and put back into the original pose.

Hope it helps




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