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Baking Camera Projection on Geometry

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Hey Everyone, 

Can anyone give me information about baking a texture onto an object?

So I projected camera footage onto an object however I'm making the object disintegrate like paper and need the projected texture to remain on the object after it has disintegrated. 

I can't seem to find any resources about this?

Many thanks in advance :)

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From what I understand you want to make a camera mapping with a sequence of image and probably a moving camera with a matchmoved object that you then disintegrate ?

If yes, you need to "freeze" your object on the first frame, before it disintegrate (Timeshift), then create UVs based on "Perspective from camera" (with your animated camera, as you project footage and not a fixed image, I guess). Then you transfer the attributes with an Attribute Wrangle set to Run  OVer Vertices with :

int success;
@uv = vertexattrib(1,"uv",@elemnum, success);

Then you apply your material, where the texture is your footage.


The network should look like this :


It has worked properly for me for geometry that was destroyed and crumbled. It won't work if you disintegrate your geo (ie. if the geometry changes : in my example the AttriWrangle transfers the UV correctly because topology don't change, I have same number ofpoints, vertices and primitives). So you would have to disintegrate after the material, or use another attribute transfer method.

Hope that helps

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