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FLIP - sourcing from points

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I used shelf tool FLIP fluid from object. Then in sops I chaged mu source to just some points generated by popnet, removed all attribs from source. Then I just in FLIP object changed the input to particle field.

And everything is nice and dandy, except when I go highes. I noticed that when I add more resolution (add particles, so decrease particle separation) my particles start do dissappear.

Every couple of frames all particles are beeing removed. I thought that its because I use popnet as a source, but actually I removed all attribs.

So I guess FLIP does not like to be sourced like that. The way I "fixed" it is more particles for source (like 1000x more!). Which is not an actual fix, because will be super slow when I really go super heavy highres.

So how do I properly setup to source FLIP from points? But not using fluidsource

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Hard to say without seeing your file but if you have reseeding turned on it's possible decreasing particle separation is causing reseeding to remove particles. try turning it off and see what happens.




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Posted (edited)

by default the reseeding expects 8 particles per voxels, the 0.5 and 1.5 values are thresholds.
if there are less than 4 particles per voxel (8 * 0.5) new particles are created.
if there are more than 12 (8 * 1.5), some get deleted.
so you can turn off the reseeding...

here is a simple example, with lowres flip, more resolution in the source only, and a fix by turning off reseeding:



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