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I'm working on my first ever crowd and I'm trying to use the Look At node to make agents in a certain area look at an object.

However, I noticed that unless I check the "Enable look at" in the crowd solver node, nothing happens (even if I use an "Look at apply" node).

On the other hand, whenever I do check the "Enable look at" (even before I plug in the actual Look at node and specify the object), all of my agents heads turn and twist a bit. I tried using the group to limit that twisting, but to no avail - it seems like the group actually looks at the object, and all the other guys get changed just a bit. I don't want that! I want the heads of the guys outside of the area to remain normal, without the random twists.

The fault is for sure not in the group. I tried both the shelf tool and the node.

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I found some issues with it as well but due to the pace I was running at I did not report it and just did my own. If you have a reasonably simple scene, report it.


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I managed to fix it. I had to dive into the crowdsolver node, there find a Look at node and dive into that. The popwrangle node was being applied to all agents in my crowd instead of the specified group. Must be a little thing they've overlooked!

Hope that helps anyone interested in using this. 

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