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Redshift and Particle Render

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Here's a problem with Redshift render :S


I made particles and wanted to render it.

but When I make particles to mesh by using Redshift OBJ Parm(Particles tab -> Render Object as Particles), I can see motion blur on rendering but It cannot be used as geometry light.

I set up the geometry light with rslight(change Light type to Are and link Mesh object).


So, I copyied spheres to particle points instead using Redshift OBJ Parm, and that moment, I could use it as Geometry light.

How could I use both ??


so, problem is 'I want to use particle spheres and wanna us it as geometry light too'


Sorry for my poor English and Thanks for read :D


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you cant use the particle tech for emitting light (mesh light) unless you want to use the rs_incandescence. You would want to use instancing in that case. 

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