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Evan Peignet

Redshift RBD Displacement Problem

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Hi !

I am working on RBD in Houdini 16.5.268 and I render it with redshift 2.5.56

I have some problems during the rendering : we see the edges of the fractures !
I tried a lot of things without managing to get rid of it. It works fine in mantra, no artefact.

My geo has UVs, Normals and rest position.

Do you have any idea of how to correct that please ?

Scene is attached and some pics of the results.

PS : I also had other problems while rendering rbd in redshift.
In some scenes, applying two different materials with different displacement values on inside and outside groups of an object results with a gap between inside and outside faces.
In other scenes, the displacement of inside surfaces flicked. It seemed that it was moving along time, I didn't find out why.

I read the redshift documentation and watched several tutorials but maybe I don't work the correct way with displacement in redshift, could someone help me ?

Thank you very much ! Have a good day !

no tessellation no displacement


tessellation no displacement


no tessellation displacement


tessellation displacement


mantra displacement material



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