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2 ocean foam questions

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I am using using ocean spectrum + ocean foam (solver mode), to sim ocean foam, however, I have two problems/questions:

1 - I want to produce foam near rocks and see shore(i.e. there rocks in the middle of the sea), what's the best way to do that? I have not tested it yet, but I think the right way is to use rocks/sea intersection points to instantiate ocean spectrum? but I am afraid it will look random waves rather than waves bouncing off rocks? 

2 - the foam particles are too jittery, i.e. the appear/disappear very fast? I've tried to lower draft to 0.01 to prevent particles from moving with the ocean, lowered min density to 0 so no particles would be killed, increased particles life to 2 seconds but all that did not help.


Thanks :)

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just an update if someone is reading! 

1-did not use intersection to instantiate waves! used distance from rocks to create particles then feed into foam solver

2-increased anti-aliasing samples in viewport to eliminate jittery behavior

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