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Hi all! 

I hope this isn't a dumb question, but I'm stuck getting my particle shapes to spin. I might be approaching this wrong...

I've fractured and packed an object. I bring the pieces into the POP network, instancing each piece with source emission type set to All Geometry - each particle is a piece from the fractured geo. Now I just want these pieces to spin. I do get the w attribute set, but, the pieces themselves are just translating with the particles, not rotating. 

A simple scene with the setup is attached. Can anyone point me in the right direction here, and perhaps explain why this approach doesn't seem to be working?





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particles is just points and are treated as such in the solver. Sourcing all geo add primitves and so on but the solver doesnt care about them. this is why they dont get oriented according to the changing orient attrib.

see the file for 2 ways to solve this


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Great! Thanks a lot! 

I didn't know the primitive node could be used like this. I was on to the idea of copying the transform back to the pieces, but wasn't sure how to approach it and match it up piece by piece. 
Reason I'm staying away from RBDs is the main scene I'm working on have massive amounts of pieces set up. I needed something that gives quick feedback, and collisions isn't an issue. 


Thanks again!

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